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Collect + Capture's Designs of the Week

"Don't Call Me Wifey" and "Oh For Sure" - two t-shirts that we can't live without.

One is a rejection of the over-worn "Wifey" t-shirt that we see all over real life and social media. If that's what you want to be called that's fine, but we wanted to make a shirt for the women like us -- who don't want to be called wifey. We'd prefer it if people would just call us by our names.

The other is a send-up to our roots in the San Fernando Valley. We're California girls (specifically Southern California girls) and although we don't have over-the-top Valley girl accents, we do find ourselves using our California Colloquials a lot. Especially when talking to fellow natives.

When we're asked an affirmative question, we don't answer, "Yes." We say, "Oh for sure."

Both of our new designs are in our Graphic Tees collection. Check back next week for our newest designs and our BLACK FRIDAY sale!

-Tia & Shannon